Play Safe Surfacing Rubber Playground Mulch comes in 6 basic colors: Black, Brick, Granite, Red Cedar, Redwood & Pine Bark. It can also be premixed in multiple colors. (100% wire free)

Play Safe Surfacing Rubber Playground Mulch comes in  5/8” nuggets. It’s the ideal loose fill material for playgrounds at a cost ranging from $4.20 - $4.35 per square foot. Maintain just 6 inches in depth and your playground is protected to a 10- foot fall height (ASTM F 1292-99) and is ADA accessible under ASTM F 1951-99. It is 100% metal free, contains virtually no nylon cord and comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the chips and the coloring lasts up to 5 years or more.  Even the black color leaves no residue on your children.  Play Safe Surfacing rubber playground mulch can be leveled with a yard rake, washed by simply hosing it down and drains so well, kids can play on it in just a few minutes after a rain.   It is designed with the idea that the return on investment is as important as safety.  If loose fill is not your preference, we offer a Mulch Pour-N-Place to eliminate ongoing maintenance problems.

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Church Playground ‘After’ with EPDM Safety Surface

It’s now been replaced with a Red Cedar/Pine Bark Mulch P-N-P

Play Safe Surfacing 5/8” Rubber Playground Mulch in Pine Bark

Play Safe Surfacing 5/8” Rubber Mulch for a GA backyard playground

Use our Playground Mulch Calculators to calculate your mulch needs.

Helps to keep the kids clean in this Colorado backyard

Church Parking Lot ‘Before’ the New Playground was installed

Custom Blue

This playground surface used to be a mess to maintain and clean-up

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